Our Wedding Anniversary

Sixteen years ago on July 26th my love Michael Renford Doulas and i got married at the Ridgemount United Church and had the most amazing reception at this parents home in Mandeville. There we approximately 200 families and friends to celebrate with us.

Over the years we had our ups and downs; mostly up and have produce two brilliant children Christina and Christopher and with God by our side we hope to do a great job teaching them the right way to live and be as much as they can be.

I totally enjoyed celebrating the day and the entire weekend with my love. Both of us went to work late that morning and had a lovely Subway lunch at home. We had 7pm dinner reservation at Curtain BluffHotel and that was fantastic. On arrival the staffs were very polite and everyone knew it was our anniversary; thanks to our new and dear friend Anique. We went to the bar and have a nice cocktail before we went to dinner table. During our dinner there were a live band that did a great job. We eat our meal and we were very satisfied, after which we continue having champagne and listen to the band. Mike asked the band to sing our song that we danced to at our wedding “at last”; to this we danced, we were the only one dancing but we did not care. It was beautiful.

The entire weekend was blissful, we just hang around with each other and lime with a few friends Saturday afternoon.

Even though I miss the kids, I totally enjoy this week end with my hubby alone.