Level up! Cocktails Friday

There’s  a drink for every occasion and equally one for everyone’s taste!  Cocktails are versatile alcoholic mixed drinks. I love to have a great cocktail and I try to identify the bar and the mixologist who make my favorite one; so the cocktail of choice for me depends on where I am. Also, it is a good way to enjoy a nice lime at home!

In my everyday work, I assist my customers with developing their cocktail menu and also identify and supply the best ingredients for the delicious and refreshing cocktail that they offer. If your preference is on the rocks, I also have you covered. My customers includes, but not limited to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Everyday I visit the most beautiful places with fantastic views in Antigua. If you are living or visiting this gem of an Island, spend some time and explore the many hotels, bars and restaurants and enjoy the amazing cocktails and delicious foods that they offer.

This is the actual cocktail I had today. It’s a Pinacalada, the ingredients are Malibu rum, Cavalier dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and a hint of salt. It was fantabulous!

Level up! It is cocktail Friday. Have a super duper weekend people.

One love!

Wine lady Rica

Red red wine 🎼 – Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a red wine grape variety. The name is derived from the French words for pine and black, because of the pine and cone shape of dark colour fruits. Pinot Noir grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler climate, but the France Burgundy region is its home.

So much to learn about Pinot Noir; but for now I will tell you that I normally enjoy a great bottle of dark red. I recently had a bottle of Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir Louis Latour 2015. My oh my did I enjoy it!

It was dangerously easy to drink with or without food; this was perfectly paired with my pork chops and with the company of Mike, Krish and Christopher made it even more delicious and soothing while chilling in the West Indies.

I tasted all the different flavors exploding in my mouth! My taste buds were happy as different notes of sour cherry, raspberry, licorice and mocha dance in my mouth and released smooth tannins and very nice freshness on the finish.

The only thing that is better than a bottle of wine, is to share it with the people you love and cherish. Love the wine you are with, because all you need is LOVE and a bottle of wine.

One love!

Wine lady Rica

Corporate wining

It was Friday! It was a business event! The event was dubbed as an office opening of a new company in Antigua, with the ever fabulous host and her colleagues from different parts of the world.

We got started at five in the afternoon and were slated to finish at 8pm; but needless to say the EMC crew was there until 10pm. The Dream Team (minus one) showed up and delivered!

We ensured that the guests were served the beverage of choice. The list was extensive even though it was initially a wine bar service but on short notice, it was a full bar service. The wine option was impressive, guests were able to chose Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Sancerre , Pinot noir, and Malbec. The other options were vodkas, gins, rums, Scotch, beers, and the good old H2O. Oh and how could I forget the guest who requested Red Bull because he had just landed and needed a picker upper. That was added to our bar list in 10 minutes. We believe in going the extra mile.

Overall at the end of the night, I believed everyone was satisfied. As a result EMC Services was requested the following day for a concierge service. This service was not on the list before but it is now the newest member of the EMC family. Call us and we will organize your cooler for your next adventure, on land, sea or air.

One love!

Island girl baecationing in the island

The Caribbean! One happy place made up of a number of islands. The people are full of life and we have great food and beaches. A Red Stripe Beer, Hellshire fish and festival are my beach favorite but when I am not in the land of by birth, Jamaica, I mix it up a bit.

I am a Jamaican living in Antigua for the past ten years. I would love to visit more islands but that is a very expensive venture. However, from time to time I do visit a few.

This weekend, the hubby and I are visited another beautiful Island with magnificent beaches.

From our room nested on the third floor, I sip on a glass of Argentina Merlot and listen to the waves from the Caribbean Sea crashing in on the shores. Fantastic way to relax after a day of cricket 🏏 at Kensington Oval, Jamaica vs Barbados Regional Super50. I think I was the only one, other than the Jamaican players, that had on a Jamaican shirt and we won . #rally… I paired my medium light body with soft finishing Merlot with a medium-well steak and watched re-runs of Sex and the City.

Exploring Barbados 

Barbados is a really beautiful place with lots of things to do. We did a bit of exploring in our four days visit and we had a fabulous time. The cricket matches were not as excited as I have anticipated but a great time was had, even without our usual cooler when ever we go to cricket matches.

A tour of the island took us to one of the local rum distilleries and as we know Caribbean people are rum people. The tour was very informative and tasteful, I would suggest to anyone visiting the islands to go on a rum tour, if one is available.

Dining in Barbados varies in prices and quality but our best lunch was our six hours lunch with two friends . The conversation and laughs were priceless, and that my friends is what life is about.

A day of shopping and walking around the historic Bridgetown by myself was a well spent day. I had a few of the local beers, Banks and Deputy Beers with Lamb Neck stew. The Banks beer in Barbados taste much better than the one that is exported and we are good buddies now; sorry the Deputy on the other hand is not my buddy. It was my first time having Lamb Neck stew and I recommend you give it a try if you are in Barbados.

Barbados you were good to me . Cheers and see you next time, hopefully during your food and rum festival.

One love!

Thursday cloudscape

“Girl I need something to drink” exclaims my friend… “I only have water and wine” I replied!

The beverage of the evening was water and wine…separately of course lol. The kids chatted on the other side of the room and watched tv and we talked about our day and the upcoming weekend. Life is so special and beauty is all around us in so many different forms.

The bottle of the evening was Borsao Bole from Spain; it is a very reasonable priced wine which is good value for the money. I enjoyed this bottle from Spain, as a matter of fact I realized that I really like Spanish reds. This is also one of my favorite blend – Grenache and Shiraz. It has the zing of Shiraz supported by the body of Grenache. Oh the scent of vanilla flavor, the taste of wild berry yummy yummy.

The cut flowers on the table look magnificent, while the cactus looks down on it with similar beauty but yet so different. Somehow this is how I see my dear friend and I; two beautiful ladies that are similar but different.


My home is my castle and I arrange it with things that are meaningful and pretty to me. I really don’t have a style of decorating, I just use what moves my soul. And I totally love to have my family and friends share and enjoy my space. It was a lovely hour on a rainy Thursday afternoon, September 27, 2018.

cheers to life!