Corporate wining

It was Friday! It was a business event! The event was dubbed as an office opening of a new company in Antigua, with the ever fabulous host and her colleagues from different parts of the world.

We got started at five in the afternoon and were slated to finish at 8pm; but needless to say the EMC crew was there until 10pm. The Dream Team (minus one) showed up and delivered!

We ensured that the guests were served the beverage of choice. The list was extensive even though it was initially a wine bar service but on short notice, it was a full bar service. The wine option was impressive, guests were able to chose Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Sancerre , Pinot noir, and Malbec. The other options were vodkas, gins, rums, Scotch, beers, and the good old H2O. Oh and how could I forget the guest who requested Red Bull because he had just landed and needed a picker upper. That was added to our bar list in 10 minutes. We believe in going the extra mile.

Overall at the end of the night, I believed everyone was satisfied. As a result EMC Services was requested the following day for a concierge service. This service was not on the list before but it is now the newest member of the EMC family. Call us and we will organize your cooler for your next adventure, on land, sea or air.

One love!

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