Level up! Cocktails Friday

There’s  a drink for every occasion and equally one for everyone’s taste!  Cocktails are versatile alcoholic mixed drinks. I love to have a great cocktail and I try to identify the bar and the mixologist who make my favorite one; so the cocktail of choice for me depends on where I am. Also, it is a good way to enjoy a nice lime at home!

In my everyday work, I assist my customers with developing their cocktail menu and also identify and supply the best ingredients for the delicious and refreshing cocktail that they offer. If your preference is on the rocks, I also have you covered. My customers includes, but not limited to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Everyday I visit the most beautiful places with fantastic views in Antigua. If you are living or visiting this gem of an Island, spend some time and explore the many hotels, bars and restaurants and enjoy the amazing cocktails and delicious foods that they offer.

This is the actual cocktail I had today. It’s a Pinacalada, the ingredients are Malibu rum, Cavalier dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and a hint of salt. It was fantabulous!

Level up! It is cocktail Friday. Have a super duper weekend people.

One love!

Wine lady Rica

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