Cricket in my blood πŸ

For many of us who were born in the 70’s, cricket was a family activity with the entire family. Man, I remember as a child, we would play cricket using what ever we have at the time to bat and bowl. I am talking about sour orange, stuffed box juice box, yea box juice box and the occasional real ball. Then we would use bats made from coconut husk, and any possible thing you can imagine. Life was great!

When the West Indies team played, we would listen on the radio. My father would have his radio and we would rally. Hence Sir Viv (the master blaster) will forever and ever be my favorite cricketer.

Fast forward to recent times; our boys were not the same! But as I always say win, lose or draw I rally. Over the last week, I felt a renewed sense of pride. The West Indies vs England test series is almost finished and I had the opportunity to cheer on my team during the 2nd test match, and what a fantastic win it was.

On the first day I went to the Sir Vivian Richard stadium at 4pm, and even though England was not doing good, the English supporters were out in there numbers and were in good spirits. On the second day, again I went late at 3pm, because I had to work. I could hear the barmy army chanting and trying to motivate their team, but the West Indies team was on point; they were playing ball. I met some friends, and two were celebrating birthdays so we used the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays and the direction the Windies were going. On the third day needless to say I was at the venue early.

The game finished in three days and with England batting first and scoring 187 and 132 while West Indies scored 306 and 17 without loss. The Antigua massive showed up and rallied. This day was magical, from the crowd giving a standing ovation when Alzarri Joseph came out to bat in memory of his mother to Roach bowling.

And just like that the game came to an end. Since no cricket tomorrow why not extend the cricketing day. My crew and I decided to stay in the party stand. The after party was wikid! We went to the party and we do what we do best… we drink, dance and celebrate as only we can in the West Indies.

#rally #rallyroundthewestindies #nowandforevermore

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