Coffee and wine are my superpower !

I will refer to today (Feb. 17, 2019) as Sunday Funday, because even though I didn’t do much it was a fantastic fun loving day with the family. Sundays for me are really a chill day. Usually I get out of bed when I am ready and everything that I do during the day is really at my own pause.

I have coffee every morning but some mornings it’s a bit more magical to sit and sip my Blue Mountain coffee, without any distractions. This morning was one such morning as I got up before everyone and as I meditate the black coffee tasted super delicious. The morning was easy going, when the family woke up, I made breakfast and we chatted and laughed as we ate.

During the day we ran a few errands and went and supported our friends daughter at a swim meet.

We return home and everyone settled in our own routine. I opened a lovely bottle of George Duboeuf, Brouilly 2016 red wine. It was very easy to drink by itself, releasing lively fruit flavors with balanced acidity and medium finish. I liked wine from I was in my twenties. But I just like it more now in my forties. As they say wine gets better with age, I guess my palate gets better with age.

This bottle of red wine is light to medium body, with clear ruby red color and it releases ripe raspberry and cherry aromas. I think to myself life is good! And it was even more delicious with my Sunday pork chops.

Come back soon Sunday!


Wine lady Rica

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