I love my job !

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I believe! EMC2 is my happy place…. I am doing what I love

Coffee and wine are my superpower !

I will refer to today (Feb. 17, 2019) as Sunday Funday, because even though I didn’t do much it was a fantastic fun loving day with the family. Sundays for me are really a chill day. Usually I get out of bed when I am ready and everything that I do during the day is really at my own pause.

I have coffee every morning but some mornings it’s a bit more magical to sit and sip my Blue Mountain coffee, without any distractions. This morning was one such morning as I got up before everyone and as I meditate the black coffee tasted super delicious. The morning was easy going, when the family woke up, I made breakfast and we chatted and laughed as we ate.

During the day we ran a few errands and went and supported our friends daughter at a swim meet.

We return home and everyone settled in our own routine. I opened a lovely bottle of George Duboeuf, Brouilly 2016 red wine. It was very easy to drink by itself, releasing lively fruit flavors with balanced acidity and medium finish. I liked wine from I was in my twenties. But I just like it more now in my forties. As they say wine gets better with age, I guess my palate gets better with age.

This bottle of red wine is light to medium body, with clear ruby red color and it releases ripe raspberry and cherry aromas. I think to myself life is good! And it was even more delicious with my Sunday pork chops.

Come back soon Sunday!


Wine lady Rica

Cricket in my blood ๐Ÿ

For many of us who were born in the 70’s, cricket was a family activity with the entire family. Man, I remember as a child, we would play cricket using what ever we have at the time to bat and bowl. I am talking about sour orange, stuffed box juice box, yea box juice box and the occasional real ball. Then we would use bats made from coconut husk, and any possible thing you can imagine. Life was great!

When the West Indies team played, we would listen on the radio. My father would have his radio and we would rally. Hence Sir Viv (the master blaster) will forever and ever be my favorite cricketer.

Fast forward to recent times; our boys were not the same! But as I always say win, lose or draw I rally. Over the last week, I felt a renewed sense of pride. The West Indies vs England test series is almost finished and I had the opportunity to cheer on my team during the 2nd test match, and what a fantastic win it was.

On the first day I went to the Sir Vivian Richard stadium at 4pm, and even though England was not doing good, the English supporters were out in there numbers and were in good spirits. On the second day, again I went late at 3pm, because I had to work. I could hear the barmy army chanting and trying to motivate their team, but the West Indies team was on point; they were playing ball. I met some friends, and two were celebrating birthdays so we used the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays and the direction the Windies were going. On the third day needless to say I was at the venue early.

The game finished in three days and with England batting first and scoring 187 and 132 while West Indies scored 306 and 17 without loss. The Antigua massive showed up and rallied. This day was magical, from the crowd giving a standing ovation when Alzarri Joseph came out to bat in memory of his mother to Roach bowling.

And just like that the game came to an end. Since no cricket tomorrow why not extend the cricketing day. My crew and I decided to stay in the party stand. The after party was wikid! We went to the party and we do what we do best… we drink, dance and celebrate as only we can in the West Indies.

#rally #rallyroundthewestindies #nowandforevermore

Cricket lovely cricket ๐Ÿ

I had the opportunity of being in the same space with the West Indies Female Cricket team, and what a wonderful experience it was! The ladies were such good sports and the camaraderie between each other was a beautiful display of how a team should be on and off the field.

I am a cricket fan! Win, lose or draw. I #rally for both the male and female West Indies team (even though sometime the boys make it hard). But after my first time watching the female team in 2017 I fell in love with them. They played with passion and a winning attitude.

I was all hyped for the ICC Women T20 World Cup semi finals and final, that played in Antigua and Barbuda, November 22 and 24, 2018. My crew and I were at the venue two hours before the game started. Our girls won the toss and decided to let Australia bat. The Aussies made a good show but we were not afraid, we will pass that score we thought #rally. Unfortunately, we were bowled out and we lost the match.

I was sad that we didn’t win! But, my heart went out for my girls when the team walked around the stadium. They were sad and some of them in tears. We cheered them on and we rallied around the West Indies.

Great job ladies! I am so proud of every one of the beautiful women and I wish only the best on and off the field for them.

Thanks for the PASSION, LOVE AND RESPECT you showed to the game and the fans.

One love

Wine lady Rica

Nola and Phoenix – cheers to a great time!

I love vacations! It is time to relax, free up and let go… my vacation this time took me to New Orleans, Louisiana and Phoenix, Arizona.

I was already excited before I left Antigua and nothing or no one could possibly spoil that. I was going to see my one and only daughter, my love, Christina and celebrate her birthday with her. On the morning of August 30th I went into office for a meeting, which started late and took longer than I anticipated. Needless to say I have to finish packing, so I was not amused. But alas I went home packed and headed to the airport.

Boarded my flight and settled in my seat for the three hour plus flight. A lovely couple was seated beside me. It was their first time visiting Antigua and they were so excited to share their stories at Galley Bay Hotel. The highlight being the turtle hatch watching and the wonderful staff and people of Antigua. I arrived at Miami International Airport and I had four hours layover. Oh Lordy! What am I going to do? I decided to find a nice airport restaurant and have a meal of salmon and Prosecco! Dinner for one never taste so good ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ. After a few glasses it was time for the next leg of my journey. This flight was ram packed, so I sat at the window seat and it was nap time. Here comes another couple next to me but this time I felt as if I was about to pass out as a very unbearable smell filled my nostrils and stirred everything in my tummy. Oh lord I have to move from this seat but as luck would have it NO MORE SEATS! Worst flight ever.

Got into New Orleans and just like that I didn’t remember my awful experience on the flight. The daughter and one of my two nieces came to the airport and both of them jumped on me. Highlight of the day! The following day was a school and work day and everyone had on costumes except Alex. She had to wear her uniform.

In the night the neighborhood came alive in a spooky kind of way. We went to a Halloween party and the decorations were extreme. They were amazing from the entrance to inside the house to the courtyard were fabulously decorated.

The wines list was extensive and some really lovely ones were in the mix of things. Names and labels were appropriately matching themes for the night. These are the ones I had:

The rest of the trip was filled with live music, art show, shopping, dining out and laughters, Algiers Fork Art Festival, Bourbon Street and how could I forget visits to UNO and hanging out with my only daughter.

I was very happy to be in New Orleans, especially to celebrate Tina’s 19th birthday with her.

Now on to the next leg – Phoenix, Arizona

The flight into Dallas was uneventful and I got to catch up on some well needed rest. Likewise, the one into Phoenix was also uneventful, except I watched a movie.

Welcome to the desert. It was 10 pm and I was ready to crash but crash I will not. The family was at the airport and in true Douglas style (or should I say Mommy) ready to chat and laugh.

The following day I followed Cheryl to her Chemo Doctors for an update and this was the best day ever! The News was excellent. The family WhatsApp went on a blast. After work, 10 of the Douglas20 (everyone in Arizona) gathered and celebrated with Pizza, wings, brownies, champagne, wines and desserts. Giving thanks to the most high ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ.

The rest of the trip was fantastic, the vibes the atmosphere was filled with love and blessings. The only thing I would change about this trip is to have my husband, Mike and my one son Chris, with the rest of the family.



Level up! Cocktails Friday

Thereโ€™s ย a drink for every occasion and equally one for everyone’s taste! ย Cocktails are versatile alcoholic mixed drinks. I love to have a great cocktail and I try to identify the bar and the mixologist who make my favorite one; so the cocktail of choice for me depends on where I am. Also, it is a good way to enjoy a nice lime at home!

In my everyday work, I assist my customers with developing their cocktail menu and also identify and supply the best ingredients for the delicious and refreshing cocktail that they offer. If your preference is on the rocks, I also have you covered. My customers includes, but not limited to hotels, restaurants and bars.

Everyday I visit the most beautiful places with fantastic views in Antigua. If you are living or visiting this gem of an Island, spend some time and explore the many hotels, bars and restaurants and enjoy the amazing cocktails and delicious foods that they offer.

This is the actual cocktail I had today. It’s a Pinacalada, the ingredients are Malibu rum, Cavalier dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice, and a hint of salt. It was fantabulous!

Level up! It is cocktail Friday. Have a super duper weekend people.

One love!

Wine lady Rica

Red red wine ๐ŸŽผ – Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a red wine grape variety. The name is derived from the French words for pine and black, because of the pine and cone shape of dark colour fruits. Pinot Noir grapes are grown around the world, mostly in the cooler climate, but the France Burgundy region is its home.

So much to learn about Pinot Noir; but for now I will tell you that I normally enjoy a great bottle of dark red. I recently had a bottle of Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir Louis Latour 2015. My oh my did I enjoy it!

It was dangerously easy to drink with or without food; this was perfectly paired with my pork chops and with the company of Mike, Krish and Christopher made it even more delicious and soothing while chilling in the West Indies.

I tasted all the different flavors exploding in my mouth! My taste buds were happy as different notes of sour cherry, raspberry, licorice and mocha dance in my mouth and released smooth tannins and very nice freshness on the finish.

The only thing that is better than a bottle of wine, is to share it with the people you love and cherish. Love the wine you are with, because all you need is LOVE and a bottle of wine.

One love!

Wine lady Rica